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Motorcycle Bearings

Motorcycle bearings are used in key revolving parts, supporting the vehicle's running, including in the engine, the transmission and the wheels. They help to reduce friction and to ensure that the motive power of the engine is reliably transmitted to the wheels.
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  • Bearing No. Main Dimensions Basic rating Dynamic load Cr(KN) Basic rating Static load Cor(KN) Limiting Speed (r/min) Weight(kg)
    dxDxB (mm) Grease lubrication Oil lubrication
    6000 10×26×8 4.58 1.98 29000 34000 0.019
    6001 12×28×8 5.1 2.38 26000 30000 0.021
    6004 2RS 20×42×12 9.38 5.02 18000 21000 0.069
    6200 2RS 10×30×9 5.1 2.38 25000 30000 0.032
    6201 2RS 12×32×10 6.82 3.05 22000 26000 0.037
    6203 2RS 17×40×12 9.58 4.78 18000 21000 0.066
    6300 2RS 10×35×11 7.65 3.48 23000 27000 0.053
    6301 2RS 12×37×12 9.72 5.08 20000 24000 0.06
    6204 20×47×14 12.79 6.58 15000 18000 0.104
    62/22 22×50×14 12.9 6.8 14000 16000 0.119
    6205 25×52×15 14.02 7.88 13000 15000 0.129
    6207 35×72×17 25.67 15.3 9500 11000 0.288
    6304 20×52×15 15.9 7.9 14000 17000 0.145
    63/22 32×75×20 20.7 10.42 13000 16000 0.179
    6305 25×62×17 20.6 11.2 11000 13000 0.235
    63/28 28×68×18 26.7 14 10000 13000 0.287
    6306 30×72×19 26.7 15 9500 12000 0.345
    6307 35×80×21 33.5 19.2 8500 10000 0.464
    61902 15×28×7 4.35 2.26 26000 30000 0.015
    61904 20×37×9 6.4 3.7 19000 22000 0.037
    61905 25×42×9 7.05 4.55 16000 19000 0.042
    61804 20×32×7 4 2.47 22000 26000 0.017
    61805 25×37×7 4.3 2.95 18000 22000 0.021
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Zhejiang Fit Bearing Co., Ltd. was established in November 2003 with a registered capital of USD 2 million. The plant covers an area of ​​35,000 square meters and 20,000 square meters, with more than 120 workers and more than 20 technical management personnel.

At the beginning of its establishment, the company specialized in producing all kinds of low-noise long-life ball bearings. As a professional Wholesale Motorcycle Bearings Manufacturers and Motorcycle Bearings Factory, After years of development in the bearing industry, we have accumulated rich experience in production and management. In 2013, we began to vigorously develop agricultural machinery parts and construction machinery parts. At present, we have formed a team with exquisite technology and excellent management, capable of R&D, manufacturing, sales and service in the bearing industry and agricultural machinery parts. After years of hard work and development, we have formed a capable R&D and manufacturing team. They have rich knowledge and experience in materials, heat treatment, machining and grinding. There are currently 9 professional R&D engineers responsible for the development of new products.


Motorcycle Bearings

Industry Knowledge Expansion

How do different load conditions affect the selection of motorcycle bearings?
Different load conditions can have a significant impact on the selection of motorcycle bearings. Here are a few examples:
1. Radial Load: Radial load refers to the weight or force applied perpendicular to the rotating axis of the bearing. In motorcycles, radial load is caused by the weight of the bike and rider, as well as other factors like luggage or pillion. For high radial load conditions, bearings with higher load-carrying capacities and greater radial stiffness should be chosen.
2. Axial Load: Axial load refers to the force applied parallel to the rotating axis of the bearing. It is generated during acceleration, braking, and cornering. In motorcycles, axial load is typically low compared to radial load. However, it is important to choose bearings with good axial load-carrying capacity to ensure proper performance and longevity.
3. Impact Load: Impact load occurs when the motorcycle encounters uneven road surfaces or potholes, leading to sudden shocks or impacts. This load can cause high stressing and potential damage to bearings. Bearings with higher impact load capacities, increased shock resistance, and better fatigue strength should be considered for such.
4. Vibration: Motorcycles experience various vibrations due to factors like engine operation, road conditions, or unbalanced rotating parts. These vibrations can significantly affect bearing life and performance. Therefore, it is crucial to select bearings with excellent vibration resistance characteristics, such as tighter tolerances and better damping properties.
5. Speed: The operating speed of the motorcycle also influences bearing selection. Higher rotational speeds increase the centrifugal forces acting on the bearings, affecting their performance and longevity. Bearings designed for high-speed applications with superior heat dissipation, enhanced lubrication, and reduced friction should be chosen for high-speed riding conditions.
6. Environmental Factors: The selection of motorcycle bearings should also consider environmental factors such as dust, dirt, moisture, and temperature. Sealed or shielded bearings with adequate protection against contaminants are essential for such conditions. Additionally, bearings with suitable lubrication options, such as grease or oil, should be chosen based on the demand of the environment.

How can water and dust ingress affect the performance of motorcycle bearings?
Water and dust ingress can have a detrimental impact on the performance of motorcycle bearings. Here are a few ways it can affect the bearings:
1. Corrosion: When water enters the bearing, it can lead to corrosion of the metal surfaces. This corrosion can cause pitting, wear, and ultimately reduce the bearing's lifespan.
2. Lubrication breakdown: Water can also contaminate the lubricant within the bearing, causing it to break down and lose its effectiveness. Without proper lubrication, the bearing can experience increased friction and heat, leading to accelerated wear and potential failure.
3. Increased wear: Dust and dirt particles that enter the bearing can act as abrasives, causing increased wear on the bearing surfaces. Over time, this wear can lead to a loss of precision and increased friction, reducing the bearing's efficiency and lifespan.
4. Seizing: In severe cases, water ingress combined with corrosion and contamination can cause the bearing to seize up, resulting in a complete failure and potentially causing other parts of the motorcycle to be damaged as well.